A documentary film about how crypto-currencies are reshaping the world of finance, drug dealing, war and taxation

Commercial freedom

Commerce and trade are at the core of human existence and cryptocurrencies are changing the way humans are doing commerce.  What once was done with metal coins, then paper then checks can now be done anonymously, online in mere seconds.


While Bitcoin is not anonymous or fungible, other cryptocurrencies like Monero are.  We will interview cryptocurrency luminaries to discuss the importance of anonymity, privacy and fungibility for digital currencies and why these attributes are so critical to individual liberty.

Government control

From the beginning of human civilization, the powerful had control over the creation and minting of money.  That control gave them power of the rest of mankind, but with the rise of cryptocurrencies, governments and central banks are losing their grip on the creation and minting of money.  Our film will explore the implications of this phenomenon.

Taxation and war

Because they control the creation and flow of money, governments can also easily tax income and financial transactions.  The rise of anonymous cryptocurrencies and decentralized fintech limits the ability to tax and track financial activities.  This directly affects a government’s ability to pay for, and wage wars.  In Satoshi Rising we will explore the philosophical implications of cryptocurrencies limiting a government’s ability to wage war.